Bengaluru SIGGRAPH is now Rendering!

Bengaluru ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter is a non-profit organisation, made and run by local passionate professionals. We focus on building the ecosystem and bringing together similar communities of Computer Graphics & New Media Interactive Technologies, including Computer Graphics & Computer Science, Animation, VFX, Games, Design, AR/VR/MR, Virtual Production, etc. We host and organise events mainly related to Computer Graphics wherein we reach out, connect and spread information among the community

The Bengaluru chapter brings these world-class events to India and promotes the integration of Art and Technology in the world of Computer Graphics & New Media Interactive Technologies. This puts India on the map not just in South Asia but the entire world. We also have a massive focus on Research & Development and Education for Design and Art bringing all the fundamental elements of the ecosystem together, encouraging collaboration between the different cogs in this machine for better performance for the industry. We have been honoured to have ourselves associated with some of the most renowned speakers in their respective fields, and with your wholehearted support, we have been motivated to push out top-notch content for the improvement of the entire industry. This also enables us to focus on areas of society that have traditionally never been given as much

of an opportunity in this sphere as well as people at the grass-root level, thereby allowing them to avail of memberships for students, professionals and corporates that come along with their own set of benefits. Our website will also house all the information for upcoming events as well as updates on the event.

Looking at the bigger picture, we want to be the central point of knowledge sharing and networking in Computer Graphics. Bengaluru SIGGRAPH also aims to conduct regular meetups and host events that could demonstrate innovation in this field making it all very transparent and helpful for everyone. To stand as a source of inspiration for the people of this industry as well as those who aren’t very familiar with it, raising awareness at the same time. Exhibiting to the local community that education can be practical and fun with the use of computer graphics knowledge and that great art requires excellent technical skills is another purpose. The increasing interest and popularity directed toward us have driven us to team up with sterling companies propelling us to become a hub for the local Computer Graphics Industry.