BENGALURU SIGGRAPH CHAPTER is a volunteer Professional chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH which holds events related to Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

We are a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, run by and for the local professionals. We host events for the Computer Graphics community in Bengaluru along with our outreach to other communities. We focus on Inclusion & Diversity, including Women in CG & Tech. We want to build a sophisticated ecosystem from the grassroots level, mentor the professionals & students, and promote contact and information exchange. We aim to promote the growth & development of the Computer Graphics Community by bringing educational institutes and industry together to bridge the knowledge gap for higher growth. Bringing artists and technologists on to the same platform and enabling collaboration between them. 

India has a lot of leaders, professionals, aspirants and students who are doing a tremendous amount of work in Computer Graphics, but it is happening in isolated, disconnected zones with no central commonality to bring them together. Our main objective is to create a hub that everyone looks up to and organize themselves according to. We want to bring a coherency into this very crucial industry, which not only is important in itself but pans and overlaps to other industries and plays a vital role, such as the rising Artificial Intelligence, space industry and cloud computing industry.

Email us – bengaluru-chapter@acmsiggraph.org

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Participate in events and make connections with Students and Professionals in the Computer Graphics Industry. We are always looking for volunteers to help our chapter thrive.